Our Philosophy

We are seeking to re-interpret rural life in a modern way and we are passionate about providing culinary delights and other little pleasures in life in harmony with nature. “Natural Enjoyment” is an expression that resumes best what we stand for.

The Landhaus Tanner is a retreat for holiday guests and a destination for food lovers. We combine excellent cooking skills with the use of high quality ingredients, whilst taking into account the latest trends. Being deeply rooted in the local area, we prefer local partners. In the restaurant of the Landhaus, we apply the slow-food philosophy. Wherever possible, our ingredients are sourced from local farmers and producers whom we know all personally. We are dedicated to genuine hospitality and to personally looking after our guests. We will gladly provide you with insider tips, for as know-ledgeable locals, we are familiar with most beautiful places in “Chiemgau” county.

Genuine Hospitality

Our gastronomy concept is based on the slow-food philosophy, associated with locally sourced food and sustainability. We pride ourselves on providing genuine artisan food and an excellent level of cooking skills, combined with the traditional values of a historic inn. We are particularly focusing on the use of high quality produce and traceability, being committed to providing a fine dining experience and exquisite wines. In our wine cellar, we have mostly stored organic wines from Austria and Italy. The personal contact with the farmers, producers and merchants is essential for us. Most of the ingredients we use are sourced from local suppliers depending on the seasonal availability. We do not use convenience food.

"Natural Enjoyment" & Slow Food