Our Hygiene Policy

Safety during your holidays

“Health is important. Everything else comes with time.”

“The important thing is health. Everything else comes with time.”
We are very pleased to welcome you to our hotel and restaurant. To help you plan your holiday as well as your restaurant visit in Waging am See, we have summarised all hygiene requirements for you.

For a safer vacation

at Landhaus Tanner

It is our first and primary duty to protect you and our employees. To this end, we will implement the new normality without exception and integrate all hygiene and safety measures 100 percent. We are happy to share the standards we have set in order to offer you complete transparency. You can trust us to implement all the specifications with the fullest precision. For your well-being and safety. And because of that, we at Landhaus Tanner place the highest value on the safety and health of our guests and staff, we have made our cancellation conditions as flexible as possible for you.

For you safety & well-being

From April 3, 2022, all corona-related measures will no longer apply. We rely on the personal responsibility of the guests. You can wear a mask, but you don’t have to, just as you like.

Service & Restaurant

We recommend our guests to keep the distance of 1.5 m, but rely on the personal responsibility of the guests. The 3-G regulation will cease to apply as of April 3, 2022.

Our services

– The haptic contact of the guests with the commodities (menu, cruets, trays, blankets, skins) is reduced to the bare minimum.
– Wool blankets must be washed after each use.
– We coordinate our service processes in such a way that we do not put you as a guest at additional risk.
– The general hygiene rules are observed when delivering, storing and processing food.
– Washing temperature for glasses and dishwasher is at least 60° to ensure cleaning of dishes and glasses.
– Guest toilets are cleaned regularly. This is documented. (Sufficient supplies are ensured: Liquid soap, disinfectant, disposable towels).
– Please take note of the notice on hand disinfection and hand washing.
– Walking routes for guests are specified in the restaurant.

Start your day right

– Our breakfast buffet is set up for you from 6.30 am to 10.00 am.
– Some breakfast components are already pre-portioned in small bowls, hygienically packed and refrigerated. Please use the PP gloves at the breakfast buffet.
– Please avoid touching prepared clean plates and bowls unnecessarily.
– We are happy to bring coffee and egg dishes to your table. You may serve yourself at the tea buffet, but only with PP gloves.
– A powerful ventilation system which runs daily from 5.30 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. guarantees rapid air exchange (we have a separate ventilation concept). An additional air purifier in each restaurant area supports the air exchange.
– Glasses, plates and cutlery are cleaned at a minimum of 60 °C.
– The kitchen continues to work according to strict HACCP guidelines.

Cleanliness on the floor

– Please keep a minimum distance of 1.50 metres to other guests.
– Each room is disinfected after cleaning, and the door handles and light switches are also disinfected again when leaving the rooms.
– We will be happy to bring woollen blankets and extra pillows to your room on request.
– In our digital guest folder you will now find the TV guide, yoga card, pillow menu, room service card, wellness card, changed opening hours in the restaurant and much more.

Cleanliness on the floor

– Disinfected pencils and pad are in the desk.
– The room is aired during the complete cleaning.
– There is a disinfectant dispenser in all guest rooms.
– All housekeeping staff are personally trained by Mrs Tanner and updated every day.
– The guest rooms may only be cleaned in the absence of the guests.
– Guests are required to wear a FFp2 mask when moving around the hotel, except for hotel rooms and outdoor patio and children’s playground areas.
– Employees with respiratory symptoms are not allowed to come to work.

Safety at the reception & public areas

– Our reception staff keeps a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from the guest.
– A plexiglass screen separates guest and staff at the reception.
– Key fobs are disinfected by us before being handed over.
– Telecash machines and pens are disinfected several times a day.

General areas
– Disinfectant dispensers can be found in all public toilets, in the restaurant entrance area in all guest rooms and the bicycle garage.
– Our bed linen and table linen are stored hygienically and changed regularly. Clean linen and dirty linen are of course stored separately.
– Our laundry is subject to strict hygiene regulations and our washing procedures comply with the specifications of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The laundry from the hotel and catering sector is washed disinfectantly at our laundry partner. Dangerous germs are thus destroyed.

Safety at our spa & fitness

Wellness area/fitness/relaxation room:

– We kindly ask you to keep the distance of 1.5metres in our wellness area as well.
– Therefore, please understand that the Finnish sauna, Turkish steam bath, heat temple and the shower area can be used by a maximum of two people at the same time.
– The Physiotherm cabin may only be used by one household.
– Our masseuse or beautician wear medical masks or FFP-2 masks during the treatment.

Air conditioning

– In our indoor restaurant, ventilation is operated from 5.30 am to 11 pm.
– During restaurant operation, the terrace door and hotel entrance door are always open to ensure automatic air exchange.
– Two air cleaners support the air exchange in both restaurant rooms.
– Windows are also tilted depending on the weather.

– During sauna operation, our ventilation system is permanently running.
– After the sauna, the entire wellness area is ventilated.

– During room cleaning, the balcony and terrace doors are open to guarantee a good exchange of air.
– We try to clean the guest rooms in the absence of the guests.

Further notes

Excluded from visiting accommodation facilities and restaurant are:

– Persons with confirmed SARS-CoV2. infection.
– Persons with COVID-19 associated symptoms.

Thank you very much for your trust & see you soon,

Steffie & Franz Tanner

Status: 03.04.2022