Relaxation in the “Alpin Garten”

Massage and Beauty

Our spa treatments will be adapted to suit your personal needs. The quality of the skin care products is very important to us. Therefore, we only use organic creams and oils for our treatments.

Special treatment of the Landhaus Tanner
Let us pamper you with an indulgent body and facial treatment. The treatment starts with a full body aromatherapy massage with our special “Landhaus Tanner” fragrance, followed by a facial massage and care. We use organic oils of the “Primavera” brand. Let us surprise you.
| 90 minutes € 98.00

Classic Massages

Back massage | 25 minutes € 29.00
Full body massage | 50 minutes € 54.00
Indian full body aromatherapy massage | 60 minutes € 65.00

Nuad Tao – “Puts a smile on your feet”
Intensive treatment for deep relaxation, including a foot bath | 50 minutes € 51.00

Spinal column therapy after Breuss and Dorn
The “Breuss” massage is a gentle, energising massage, which aims to relieve stress and tension and trigger the regeneration of squeezed spinal discs. The treatment is an ideal preparation for the subsequent correction of misalignments of the spinal column after Dorn. Through pressure exerted with the thumb the spinal column is repeatedly brought back in the right position.
| 50 minutes € 61.00

Classic Treatment
Cleansing, exfoliation, ampoule, nourishing mask, facial massage and finishing touch-es. | 60 minutes € 61.00

“De Luxe” Treatment
Cleansing, exfoliation, eyebrow correction, eyelash and eyebrow tint, ampoule, nour-ishing mask, foot massage, facial massage and finishing touches. | 90 minutes € 88.00

Foot bath, toenail cutting and shaping, callus removal, corn care and further care as well as a short massage.

Duration of the treatment depending on the needs
From 45 to 60 minutes € 43.00