Relaxation in the “Alpin Garten”

Massage and Beauty

Our spa treatments will be adapted to suit your personal needs. The quality of the skin care products is very important to us. Therefore, we only use organic creams and oils for our treatments.

Face and neck massage
A pleasant massage for deep relaxation from the neck to the hair tips. Through focused stimulation, this wellness treatment loosens even the smallest tensions, helps to boost energy, relieves headaches and soothes your skin and hair. Enjoy the feeling of new vitality and relaxation.
30 minutes | € 42.00

Full body massage – Atlas correction according to Hedrio method
The Atlas massage ensures that the first cervical vertebra swings back into its original position. Muscle tensions in the neck and back are released, the never-flow is optimized and supports the self-healing process.
60 minutes | € 100.00

Sports Massage
Promotes the blood circulation in the muscles and serves to better supply the muscles. The massage causes a removal of waste products, relieves unpleasant tension and stimulates the lymphatic flow.
50 minutes | € 80.00

Dorn-Breuss Massage
Relieves tension in the spine by removing pressure from the intervertebral discs. This allows for a better and more comfortable mobility of the body.
60 minutes | € 80.00

Foot reflexology massage
Reflexology is like a little miracle. They contribute to relaxation, alleviate health problems, increase well-being and activate self-healing powers.
45 minutes | € 70.00

Our wellness offer can be booked on Monday, Friday and also Saturday. Dates by arrangement.

Classic Treatment
Cleansing, exfoliation, ampoule, nourishing mask, facial massage and finishing touch-es. | 60 minutes € 61.00

“De Luxe” Treatment
Cleansing, exfoliation, eyebrow correction, eyelash and eyebrow tint, ampoule, nour-ishing mask, foot massage, facial massage and finishing touches. | 90 minutes € 88.00

Foot bath, toenail cutting and shaping, callus removal, corn care and further care as well as a short massage.

Duration of the treatment depending on the needs
From 45 to 60 minutes € 43.00

Our wellness offer can be booked on Monday, Friday and also Saturday. Dates by arrangement.