Our Commitment to Quality

We are strongly committed to ensuring a high quality of our services and products. We pride ourselves on serving authentic, home cooked meals.

We re-interpret rural life.

True Artisan Food

We seek daily to re-interpret country life and to pep it up. Being committed to the slow-food philosophy, we use locally sourced products and adopt a sustainable approach. We pride ourselves on combining true artisan food with the traditional values of an historic inn. Particular attention is being paid to the quality and the origin of the produce we use.

We personally know all our suppliers.

“Alpenkulinarik” Initiative

The delicious ingredients we use are from local orchards, vegetable gardens, pastures, fields and lakes, being refined by artisan food producers of our region.

“Alpen-Kulinarik”initiative brings to new life the culinary tradition of our region to delight the palate of our guests. As a certified “Alpen-Kulinarik” business, we use the unique produce originating in the farmlands of the Alpine foothills and serve typical dishes of the local cuisine.

“Alpen-Kulinarik” – What does it actually mean? It is an alliance of producers and hospi-tality businesses, which aims to showcase and valorise the culinary particularities of the local area: seasonal, distinctive, transparent. Indulge yourself with farm-to-table delicacies.

We put trust in local partners

Our Suppliers and Partners

– Organic bread from the Wolfgruber Artisan Bakery in Anger
– Organic “fair trade” coffee of the “Via Verde” brand from the Dallmayr Coffee Roasters
– Trout and brook char from the “Weiher Haus” Fish Farm in Taching
– Fish from Lake “Chiemsee” supplied by the Chieming-based “Thomafischer” Company run by Mrs Irmi Wallner
– Venison from the hunter Martin Göstl in Feichten / Waging
– Goat’s cheese from “Attl’s Bio-Ziegenhof” Organic Dairy Farm in Fridolfing
– Organic poultry from the “Kettenberger” Organic Farm in Tittmoning
– Beef, veal and pork as well as sausage supplied by the “Gassner” Artisan Butchers in Amerang
– Potatoes and cereal products from the “Demeter-Hof” Farm (Obermeyer Family) in Tengling
– Dairy products from “Milchwerke Berchtesgadener Land” Dairy in Piding
– Fruits brandies from “Sailerhof” Distillery, run by the Gramminger Family, in Taching, as well as from the Klaus Oberkandler Distillery in Kammer
– Juices from the Stöger Company in Übersee
– Mineral water from the “Adelholzner” Company in Siegsdorf
– Beer from the “Hofbräuhaus Traunstein” Brewery