Special Offers

Step in, unwind and be happy – Simple words for a precious time. The Landhaus Tanner and the local area with its endless opportunities for enjoyable activities are worth a visit in any season. We have put together some marvellous holiday packages enriched with special tips for amazing pursuits.

Early bird...

Early bird bonus

All early bookers benefit at Landhaus Tanner in 2022! Book four months in advance for more […]

Valid from 25.04 to 15.05.2022

Frequen Guest Weeks

~ Happiness is sunshine in springtime. ~ The feeling of the first warm rays of sunshine […]

Bookable from 2nd of january to 7th of april, Thursday to Sunday

Happy Souls

~The true art of living is to see the wonderful in everyday life~ Pearl S. Buck […]

valid from 08.04. to 28.10.2022, every thursday to monday

It’s Amore – Vespa Weekend

~La dolce Vita in Bavaria~ It is commonly known that Munich is often called the northernmost […]

valid from 01.03.2022 to 28.10.2022

Cycling in Waging

“Life is like cycling. To keep the balance, you must keep moving.” Look forward among other […]

For a special day

Happy Birthday!

~ Anyone who retains the ability to recognize beauty will never grow old. ~ Franz Kafka. […]

valid from 08.04. to 28.10.2022

Golf Break

Golfing with a dreamlike alpine view…

valid from 02.05. to 19.09.2022

Enjoying Summer in Waging

Feel the first rays of sun on your face in the morning and let the delicious […]

BOOKABLE FROM 14.09. TO 28.10.2022

Moments of happiness

Let nature and its play of colours smile at you. Experience a beautiful walk around the […]

Valid from 12.05. to 19.09.2022

Enjoy Nature in Waging

Idyllic holidays in Bavaria, pleasant relaxing moments, finest enjoyment and great moments while tasting various beer […]

By train to Waging am See

Bonus for an eco-friendly journey

Take advantage of our revival of the “Scharnow-Tours” tradition in Waging am See. A few decades […]