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Massage and Beauty

Our spa treatments will be adapted to suit your personal needs. The quality of the skin care products is very important to us. Therefore, we only use organic creams and oils for our treatments.

With our experienced massage therapist Veronika you are in excellent hands. She takes care of your well-being and relaxation during the massages.

More than care

MARÍAS Bio Cosmetics Salzburg

Face and neck massage
A pleasant massage for deep relaxation from the neck to the hair tips. Through focused stimulation, this wellness treatment loosens even the smallest tensions, helps to boost energy, relieves headaches and soothes your skin and hair. Enjoy the feeling of new vitality and relaxation.
30 min | € 42.00

FROM 01.05: Aloe Vera Moisturizing Treatment
A Revitalizing facial massage with aloe vera gel, aloe vera ampoules and aloe vera mask. Let the Aloe Vera plant provide you with all-round relaxation and pampering.
70 min | € 85.00

Full body massage
Gentle stretches, long strokes and gentle joint mobilisation flow harmoniously into one another during the massage. This allows you to let go on both a physical and mental level. Body and mind find a state of deep relaxation. The use of a warmed, high-quality body oil (with the addition of a natural, essential fragrance oil if desired) supports the relaxing effect.
60 min | € 90.00

Fascia massage
Unpleasant tensions in the muscles are released through targeted massage strokes that work their way into the connective tissue. The blood circulation of the muscles and the entire metabolism are stimulated. Acupressure points all over the body are gently stimulated by finger pressure to activate the natural self-healing powers and guide the body into its harmonious balance.
60 min | € 90.00

Back Fit Massage
The focus of this regenerating massage is the entire spine with its adjacent joints. At the beginning, hot compresses optimally prepare the back for the massage. The neck, shoulder and back muscles are loosened and gently stretched, the intervertebral discs are relieved and you can breathe deeply.
40 min | € 70.00

Foot reflexology massage
Reflexology is like a little miracle. They contribute to relaxation, alleviate health problems, increase well-being and activate self-healing powers.
40 min | € 70.00

Aroma oil massage – to strengthen the immune system
With our aroma oil massage we combine the effect of natural essential oils (bergamot, citrus or stone pine) with deep relaxing elements of different massage techniques. By massaging the neck, back, chest and breathing reflex points, the oil can be deeply absorbed into the tense tissue.
50 min | € 90.00

Partial body back massage
The focus of this massage is on the back. This soothing partial body massage promotes blood circulation to the skin and has a relaxing effect on the musculature. Tensions in the neck and back area are relieved through targeted stimulation.
30 min | € 45.00

FROM 01.05.: Hot Stone Ritual – Full Body Massage with Special Basalt Stones 
The Hot stones made of black basalt are used in this full-body massage to release deep seated tension and provide lasting relief from muscle pain. This intensive extraordinary treatment is a holistic therapy that removes energetic blockages to revitalize body, mind and spirit with new energy.
90 min | € 120.00

All treatments by appointment. The treatment can be cancelled free of charge up to 24h before.

In cooperation with MARÍAS Bio Cosmetics from Salzburg, we offer a unique beauty programme with regional organic cosmetics for you.

Cleansing & Relaxation Treatment
Enzyme peeling with MARÍAS herbal steam, suitable for every skin type. Relaxing lymphatic drainage followed by MARÍAS mask with green tea.
70 min | € 100.00

Fragrance journey with the regenerating organic wild rose
Steaming with wild rose oil, massage with organic wild rose serum and rose butter, mask and day care.
120 min | € 120.00

Regenerating treatment
Fruit acid foam and regeneration massage with anti-aging ampoules.
60 min | € 75.00

Aloe Vera Moisturising Treatment
Facial massage with aloe vera gel, aloe vera ampoules and aloe vera mask
Let the Aloe Vera plant pamper you holistically.
70 min | € 85.00

Beauty Extras

Eyelash tint | € 15.00
Eyebrow tint | € 15.00

Facial treatments bookable Monday, Friday and Saturday. Massages by arrangement.

Treat yourself and enjoy a break from your hectic everyday life at Landhaus Tanner. Not only houseguests, but also external guests can enjoy our pleasant massage offer. The massages focus on one ore more body regions and our massage therapist relieves even deep-seated tension.

Let yourself be put in a state of deep relaxation with a full-body massage. When enjoying a regenerating back-fit massage, the whole spine is being focused on, while neck-, shoulder- and back musculature are being loosened and stretched.

Or enjoy a mobilizing foot reflexology massage of your feet and lower thighs, being regenerating, relaxing and balancing for the whole organism.These and more massages are bookable for Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Make your reservation now via email at office@landhaustanner.de or via phone at +49 (0) 8681 69750.

Appointments accepted at the reception from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 5 pm.

MARÍAS Bio Cosmetics is a brand of Pieper Biokosmetik Manufaktur from Salzburg. More than 25 years ago, Maria and Helmut Pieper took over an organic herb farm in southern Styria. There, the first care products and a very special philosophy were created by hand.

Body care does not only mean being attentive to one’s own body, which goes through changes with the seasons and not least with age. MARÍAS uses high-quality raw materials from sustainable cultivation. Fair trade and a humane atmosphere are at the heart of production. Transparency is lived at MARÍAS, especially with the processed raw materials, and provides detailed information about where they come from and how they were processed.

The high demands on the quality of the products even exceed the standard of the ÖLMB (Austrian Food Book) in some points and are checked by Austria’s leading organic inspection body, the Austria Bio Garantie.