Sustainability at the Landhaus

It is not only our “Natural Enjoyment” cuisine that reflects our love of nature. Sustainability has also been very important to us in the planning and execution of the refurbishment work.

The entire hotel is heated by a pellet heating system. 10 % of the hotel’s electricity demand is produced by means of solar panels. The rest of the electric power is supplied by the EON Operator being generated exclusively by hydroelectric power plants.

Eco-friendly travel is also an important issue for us. Therefore, we will provide from 2020 a charging station for cars. A charging point for electric bikes is already available in our “Steinbockstall” garage.

Green Packaging
Our bottles are trendsetting, being made from recycled vegetable waste (sugar cane after the process of squeezing). Hence, they do not contain petroleum products and can be fully recycled.